Things to follow to get a modern and beautiful home

  1. Colours :

          One of the things that always puzzles us is how to choose colours from among the thousands of colours available in the market. The danger of colours lies in the fact that they are a very important factor in the formation of the room’s decor. It can make the room very elegant and elegant, and it is possible to make the room very irritating to the eye and inconsistent at.

 Here, experts advise us to resort to neutral colours, because neutral colours are always clean and fresh and provide a wonderful background if we put some paintings on top of them, and when we say neutral colours, the first thing that stands out to us is white, and it is the best colour when looking for a beautiful background and shows the beauty of something There is in front of it.

 2.   Lighting :

 and lighting is the big secret to obtaining psychological and physical comfort, when you think about placing the TV, for example, you will find that the lighting, its location, strength and type affect the placement of the TV, and therefore if you have arranged the room and put the TV, computer and your office on which you will read, and Here the lighting will be next to that, and it will be designed based on it

3. Overcrowding:

          is advice from me to you, and the days will reveal to you how honest I am with you. Try to reduce the pieces inside the room as much as possible. The void, my friend, is the most important component of the room, and if you can use it distinctively, the void will be the most important piece of furniture in your room and home.  And if I were in your place and wanted to design a living room, I would put the first thing in a comfortable sofa filled with a sponge in front of it, a TV screen, a gaming platform and a small table, then I would put the rest of the things and keep enough space for movement. And not to put expensive and complicated pieces of furniture that we bump into whenever we try to move around the room.

And you can always, my dear, see examples of bedrooms or living rooms that you can easily extract from and its colour combination is the closest to your personality, and to feel comfortable and calm with it, which is the most important thing you seek when searching for your comfortable and warm home.

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