The best contemporary and revital trends of living room design

What is the function of your living room?

The purpose of the living room is very important, whether it will only serve to watch silly games only, or will we eat in it, exercise in it, read, or even sleep on the floor … Everyone is free Isn’t it???

Room flooring:

Do you prefer wood??? Or ceramics, some like marble or vinyl, will you put a small carpet in the middle??? All these options are available.


: I advise you to watch ready-made designs and choose the colors prevailing in the design that you liked, so as not to stray too far and find you have a room of wonder acrobatics.

Room lighting:

Here is the important psychological aspect which is what differentiates between one place and another, believe me, it will change the lighting from you as a human being, and it can transform you into someone else.


One of the beautiful elements of decoration is they can add a lot to the place if you choose them well.

All right… Have you ever thought about adding a side of mirrors, some like it because it adds spaces, but I know who hates to see themselves every second and discover how many kilograms increased after yesterday’s delicious lunch!!!!!

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